Decisions taken at the committee meeting in Danish Preferred on February 24th 2021:

The committee recommends which varieties that can move on to industrial testing. Hereafter it is up to the applicant to take decision about continuation in Danish Preferred (Industrial Test). In other words, there is no automatic going forward in the program and the applicant must carefully consider based on yield potential, agronomic performance, barley, and malt quality as well as European coverage, whether the variety has commercial potential as malting barley in Denmark. Please note that before final approval as Danish Preferred variety, a multiplication acreage of minimum ​​500 hectares will be required.

In the evaluation of the committee, only the malt quality is considered. The attached Index sheet shows that the standard varieties are KWS Irina and RGT Planet. The attached Index sheet shows that the standard varieties KWS Irina and RGT Planet in averaged obtained an index score of 33.


The following varieties showed performance significantly better than the standards and are recommended:

CB Concord, CB Score and LG Belcanto


The following variety showed performance at similar level as the standards and are recommended:

CB Courage


for full data set follow this link


The committee revised the Danish Preferred Approved list and decided to remove the following varieties from the list:  Odyssey, Propino, Quench and Crossway. The varieties were removed for the list due to their decrease in growing area below the defined minimum of 50 ha. of multiplication.