High Certification

Danish malting barley is know for its high level of certification, practical all danish malting barley comes from certified seeds ensuring a homogeneous commodity, which is a key factor for the production of world class malt 

Climatic Conditions

The Danish climate is ideal for the production of malting barley, the mild coastal climate gives the barley a long growing season, resulting in big grains with a high starch content




Danish Preferred

Danish program for industry approval of malting barley varieties


The aim of the program is to create a stringent but at the same time pragmatic program, which is based largely on the chain's own assessment of the potential of a given variety. This is ensured by making demands for self-payment and high requirements for the multiplication of the variety. The program does not aim to politically limit the number of varieties but is open to approve all relevant varieties. The industry will for logistical reasons, make sure that an appropriate number of varieties are put forward to the market.